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Why Working Online Works (5:26)

London, June 2022.

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Shamanism, Sep 2022 (46:23)

A talk with Dr Marie Mbouni for The Shamanic Wisdom Summit.

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Healing the Family and Ancestors, Sep 2021 (17:32)

Jill’s talk to the Scientific and Medical Network on healing ancestral patterns through family constellations.

About the Mandala Ceremony

Living and Sonorous Mandala Ceremony (9:05)

London, May 2019.

The Healing Power of the Voice

The Healing Power of the Voice (12:11)

London, May 2019.

Ancestral Healing Work

Ancestral Healing Work (4:03)

London, May 2019.

The Family and Ancestral Field

The Family and Ancestral Field (2:46)

London, May 2019.

The practice of conscious dying

The Practice of Conscious Dying (4:23)

London, May 2019.

The Importance of Ceremony

The Importance of Ceremony (4:35)

London, May 2019.

Inheriting Family Patterns

Inheriting Family Patterns (3:05)

London, May 2019.

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The Healing Voice, Sep 2017 (1:42:58)

An experiential lecture given at an Advaya & 42 Acres event, London.

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Soul Share, Oct 2020 (1:04:19)

A talk with Brandon Beachum, of the Positive Head Podcast.

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The Power of Sound for Transformation, Sep 2020 (43:29)

A talk with Laurie Seymour of the Wisdom Talk Podcast.

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Family Constellations, Aug 2020 (57:20)

A talk with John Acosta of the ZuluOne Podcast.

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Interview & Live Q&A, July 2020 (37:57)

Jill Purce interviewed for The Way of the Psychonaut.

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The Light Conversations, May 2020 (37:57)

Interview by Giada del Drago of The Light Conversations podcast.

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Medicine Path Podcast, July 2019 (1:09:24)

Jill talks with Brian James, host of the Medicine Path Podcast.

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VOCE Dialogue, April 2019 (35:53)

Jill talks with Chloë Goodchild, international singer, author and founder of The Naked Voice.

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Chitheads Interview, April 2019 (1:05:40)

Chitheads is an Embodied Philosophy podcast, offering interviews with leaders and teachers from the yoga and wider wisdom community.

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Healing Voice Mandala Ceremony, May 2016 (49:25)

Jill Purce talks to Dr Guy Hayward about her pioneering Healing Voice Mandala process. In this, the group itself becomes a mandala incorporating multiple and deep layers of symbolism in relation to the structure of consciousness according to the Tibetan understanding of the mind. Jill does these ceremonies twice a year, each with a different theme, process and practice. The group spends 5 days journeying through the mandala of extended practice and deep psychological explorations.

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Healing our Families and Ancestors, April 2016 (46:23)

Jill Purce talks to Dr Guy Hayward about her Healing Family and Ancestors Workshops, describing how she combines chant and family constellations. She discusses the role of the ancestors and how by enlisting them as allies we can transform our lives and those of our families and children.


Gary S Bobroff interviews Jill, part 1 (18:09)

Part 1 of an interview with Jill on her Healing Family and Ancestor and Healing Voice work. Filmed at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA USA, with Cynthia Cavalli and Gary S. Bobroff, 10th September 2015.


Gary S Bobroff interviews Jill, part 2 (8:15)

Part 2 of the September 2015 interview, talking about her Mandala ceremonies and including a story of synchronicity during her bethrothal to Rupert Sheldrake at an ancient Welsh church in 1985 (which she has never shared publicly before!)


Deepak Chopra interviews Jill about her sound work, May 2014 (18:52)

Jill and Deepak discuss many of the miraculous effects of sound, including the creativity of sound, mantra, resonance and overtone chanting (which Jill demonstrates). They talk about the healing and transformative effects of the voice, and the magical, liberating and healing effects of Jill's Healing Voice work.

Jill Purce in conversation and chanting with Terence McKenna (2:57)

Jill speaks with Terence about overtone chanting and then provides a demonstration, within a wonderful renaissance rotunda.


About Green Tara & Living Mandala Ceremony (6:57)

An introduction to the healing voice week intensive and mandala ceremony. Recorded in London, March, 2019.


The Power of Sound (3:59)

An excerpt from Gaia TV interview with Regina Meredith. The full interview from October, 2018 is available to Gaia subscribers.

More Ways Than One - The Mystic Spiral (BBC) - Jill Purce (34:40)

A BBC documentary about the early pioneering work of Jill Purce on the spiral, showing her interdisciplinary explorations into nature, consciousness, science, art and religion. German composer Karlheniz Stockhausen, physicist Fritjof Capra and biologist Maurice Wilkins, who with Watson and Crick, received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of DNA, were all influenced by her work, and appear in the film to discuss her ideas.

Short clip of Jill on overtone chanting: Space Sound Voice documentary (3:20)

This is an excerpt of Jill Purce speaking on overtone chanting from the documentary Raum Klang Stimme (Space Sound Voice) by filmmaker Minghao Xu.

Jill's interview for Space Sound Voice documentary (37:58)

Jill Purce was interviewed for the documentary Raum Klang Stimme (Space Sound Voice) by filmmaker Minghao Xu, which takes us on a quest for the origins of harmonics, giving us insight in our amazing ability to sing harmonics.

Sound and Healing - Jill Purce on Thinking Allowed (27:03)

Jill Purce discusses the vibratory universe, sound as a bridge between the worlds, how voice is used as a spiritual practice and its connection with the nature of mind itself; voice as a sonorous yoga of presence; the nature of mantra and resonant fields; her groundbreaking work with Alzheimer's patients; a discussion and demonstration of overtone chanting, its importance and her pioneering role in bringing it to the west. Read Transcript

Sound, Pattern and Transformation - Jill Purce on Thinking Allowed (27:04)

Jill Purce discusses the relationship between sound, form, pattern and creativity, and our rotational, spiral and sonorous journey; her work with the German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen; the creative and healing power of the voice; and the importance of the voice as a means to community, oneness and presence.

Sound Creates Form (10:41)

We are told the world was created through sound....sound creates form. Jill demonstrates this with overtone chanting. The overtones introduce pattern into formless heaps of powder on a vibrating plate- the form of the sound itself. This video shows these cymatic patterns as they occur.

Just One More Breath (Full Length) (13:40)

Jill Purce overtone chanting in her 1984 art film "Just One More Breath". With each single extended breath the viewer soars higher up the medieval tower. Through the windows, day gradually turns to night. Finally, we alight at the summit as perfect darkness is reached. Made by Jill for an exhibition with Marina Abramovic, Ulay, and Lawrence Weiner, at the art festival "Forum en Scene" in Middleburg, Holland.

Overtone Chanting St.Paul's Cathedral (2:43)

Jill Purce and friends invited to overtone chant in St.Paul's Cathedral London.

Synchronicity: Matter and Psyche Symposium 2014: Embodiment with Jill Purce Preview (5:45)

Excerpt from panel discussion with Jill Purce, Marilyn Schlitz, Shannon O'Neill & Krista Holland: Hosted by Catherine Svehla. For fulllength video, visit Synchronicity: Matter and Psyche Symposium.

Jill Purce at Hollyhock (1:51)

Jill talks about her work in the world and why Hollyhock is an exceptional place to teach her annual program, Healing Family & Ancestors: Ritual & Resonance.

Jill Purce is described as a "special messenger" by Karlheinz Stockhausen (2:21)

Jill Purce described as a special messenger by German Composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, who talks about her work with spirals and healing sound. Donaueschingen 1974.

Clip from 'Sonic Healing' Meet the Masters Video Course (6:48)

Welcome to this short excerpt from Session 9 of the online course EXPERIENCE MUSIC AS MEDICINE, a Ten Part Series on Meditation, Music and Healing. The main part of this session is an hour-long video program which also includes suggested activities to help integrate the teachings into your own life. In addition to Jill Purce, Jonathan and Andi Goldman are featured. In this session, Jill Purce discusses her pioneering discoveries in sound healing using ancient vocal techniques and group chanting. She calls attention to the spiritual potential of the voice for healing and meditation.

Mind Byte Interview (0:50)

Mind Byte ~ a series of short interview bytes from the consciousness documentary, The Deeper You Go, coming 2015. Featuring: Eben Alexander, Anirban Bandyopadhyay, Susan Blackmore, Judith Blackstone, Francoise Bourzat, David Chalmers, Deepak Chopra, Patricia Churchland, Stanislas Dehaene, Daniel Dennett, Stuart Hameroff, Don Hill, Julia Mossbridge, Karen Newell, Jill Purce, Dean Radin, John Searle, Rupert Sheldrake, Henry Vyver. View full promo.

Jill with Rupert Sheldrake & Mathew Fox - Science, Consciousness and Spirit (15:00)

Colet House Study Society and the Scientific and Medical Network presents a 2009 conference between two brilliant thinkers, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and Matthew Fox. The talk is preceded by Jill chanting.

Jane Cormack Interview for Rhythmic Inspiration (15:43)

Learn how overtone chanting and magical voice techniques can transform you and get you in-tune with life! And hear Jill demonstrate the wonders of Mongolian and Tibetan Overtone Chanting.

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