Extremely powerful and intense, Jill will work individually with each person on their family. "Faster, more effective, long lasting and benign than years of therapy".

"Family" means your birth or current family - You do not need to (but also can) bring family members and your family members do not need to be still living. This workshop has very restricted numbers so please book soon not to be disappointed.

Jill's unique method of using chant and family constellations, heals the resonant field of the family, and finds the piece of the puzzle which unlocks persistent patterns, so order is restored and the family system opened to the light of revelation and redemption, she finds the keys that set the individual and the family and later generations free. Working ceremonially with the resonant fields of the family. Revealing the dynamic of their patterns in order to restore order. Transforming inherited destructive influences into the blessings which can change our life and the lives of all family members. As families and ancestors are resonant fields, Jill has found that one of the most effective ways of healing them is through resonance and the voice, in the context of ceremony and family constellations.

By working in the present we are able to change the past and the future. When earlier family members in previous generations have died or left the family young or in unusual circumstances, something of the nature of this persons departure gets frozen in time and creates a magnet for later generations to follow them. By disentangling people from the patterns of earlier members of the family, we are able to clear the field for this and the next generations where they do or might exist. The work is intense and oracular and profoundly healing and seems to uncover restore aspects of the psyche closed to normal therapeutic methods.

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Listen to Jill's talk with Guy Hayward about Healing Family and Ancestors - May 2016 (46:23)

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In-Person Family Constellation Week Intensive (Samhain-Halloween / All Saints / All Souls)

Workshop Schedule
Because of covid-19 Jill is working online, except for this Oct week.

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Date Location Title Price
20240224 2024 February 24-25 ONLINE Online Healing Voice Workshop £164 Register external.png
20240324 2024 March 22-24 ONLINE Online Family Constellation Workshop £219 Register external.png
20240503 2024 April 27 - May 3 United Kingdom London, UK Healing Family & Ancestors Week £1450 Register external.png

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