The Healing Voice - A Week Intensive
Among The Activities
We Will Share :
- how sound
and the voice have been
understood and used by
different traditions as one
of the most effective ways
to balance the mind and
body and ultimately
to achieve enlightenment.
- resonance and different
ways of chanting,
tuning and singing together.
- Mongolian overtone chanting, an ancient shamanic vocal practice which makes audible the natural harmonic spectrum of the voice in its pure rainbow colours, so that unearthly, angelic and bell-like tones are heard floating above the voices of the chanters.
- different breathing techniques and discover how they differ from each other in their effect on mind, body and spirit and the integration of these three.
- vocal purification practices
and how to cleanse the chakras and subtle body.
- ways to heal with the voice
and how to find our own note.

- discovering the power of names

- mantra and mantric practice of different kinds, and work with sacred chants from many traditions.
- sonorous yogas and vocal practices involving the elements
and working with dreams.
- ritual and ceremony and native American chants.
- uncovering deep levels of the soul through trance healing,
Extended Mandala ceremony, chant and mantra.
- revealing the dynamics of ancestral patterns and with healing ceremonies,
forgive and clear the patterns of our ancestral lines
and acknowledge their blessings.

Healing Voice Week in Devon. Waiting for dawn on May day morning.

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