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Two Extraordinary Recordings
That Can Change Your Life !
Overtone Chanting Meditations, (60 mins) (Tape or CD).
The Healing Voice, a lecture and meditation (60 mins) (Tape or CD).
Comments On and Reviews of "The Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul" by Jill Purce
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Overtone Chanting Meditations – Jill Purce
Chanting brings about a state of calm and clarity, a sense of peace, quiet and relaxation, a reduction of pain in the body, a sense of order in everyday life. Jill Purce reveals the rainbow colours of the voice by the ancient shamanic vocal practice of overtone chanting. She makes audible the natural harmonic spectrum of the voice so that the ethereal angelic bell-like tones of the voice are heard floating above a continuous bass note of the deep voices of the chanters. Listening to this meditative recording is an ideal practice for meditation and learning this ancient shamanic vocal technique. It is deeply relaxing, used by countless cranio-sacral therapists, massage therapists, and healers, who report dramatic healing effects it has on their patients.

CD, 8 tracks, running time 1hr approx. with 10 min interview
This recording is recommended by Dr. Deepak Chopra to his patients and students.
Of it he says:
"Jill Purce’s chanting will help you discover
the magical and mysterious in you.

Through these chants you will encounter your sacred self
and your life will be changed forever"
The Healing Voice, a lecture and meditation The Healing Voice – Jill Purce The Healing Voice, a lecture and meditation
Vocal teacher Jill Purce gave an inspiring and moving lecture to over a thousand people in Prague on Midsummer's Day. In this recording, she reveals the magic of the voice and shows how profoundly chanting can affect us. She discusses why traditional societies have always chanted, whereas modern Western society has stopped. She shows what happens when we rediscover our voice, and explains how we can recapture the ancient ritual of group chant. She also demonstrates the extraordinary sound of overtone chanting. Her exciting lecture is followed by chanting and then by a guided meditation, to bring the many benefits of chanting into your deepest awareness.

CD, 3 tracks, lecture, overtone chanting, guided meditation, running time 1hr approx.
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"The Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul" by Jill Purce
With 174 illustrations, 32 full-page colour - Publisher : Thames & Hudson.
Comments on and Reviews of "The Mystic Spiral"
U.K Only : £9.95 + £3.60 P&P (Order Form)
The spiral is the natural form of growth, and has become, in every culture and in every age, humanity's symbol of the progress of the soul towards eternal life. As the inward-winding labyrinth, it constitutes the hero's journey to the still centre where the secret of life is found. As the spherical vortex, spiralling through its own centre, it combines the inward and outward directions of movement. In this original and engrossing book, Jill Purce traces the significance of one of our central symbols from the double spirals of Stone Age art and the interlocking spirals of the Chinese Yin Yang symbol to the whorls of Celtic crosses, Maori tattoos and the Islamic arabesque. Many of the superb images here were intended as objects of contemplation ; for the spiral is a cosmic symbol.


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