About Jill Purce
The popular
Books for the mind's eye
From 1973, as General Editor of her pioneering
series "Art and Imagination", Jill Purce created
over thirty beautifully illustrated books on
Sacred Traditions, Art and Cosmology, published by
Thames and Hudson, Seuil, Heibonsha.
Explore a truly astonishing diversity of interests,
philosophies, religions and cultures - from alchemy
to angels, Buddhism to Hinduism, myth to magic.
Originally large-format paperback volumes.
Superb value at only £9.95 each
From 2012 onwards some are being elegantly reformatted as pocket books.
To buy see www.amazon.com
Information about "The Mystic Spiral" by Jill Purce
Here is a selection of some titles in the series:


Angels : Messengers of the Gods,
Peter Lamborn Wilson


Astrology : The Celestial Mirror,
Warren Kenton
Athanasius Kircher


Beyond Death
Athanasius Kircher : A Renaissance Man
and the Quest for Lost Knowledge,
Joscelyn Godwin


Beyond Death :
The Gates of Consciousness,
Stanislas Grof
Celtic Mysteries


Creation Myths
Celtic Mysteries :
The Ancient Religion,
John Sharkey


Creation Myths :
Man's Introduction to the World,
David Maclagan
The Dragon : Nature of Spirit


Dreams : Visions of The Night
The Dragon : Nature of Spirit,
Spirit of Nature,
Francis Huxley


Dreams :
Visions of the Night,
David Coxhead and Susan Hiller
The Earth Spirit : Its Ways, Shriness & Mysteries


Egyptian Mysteries
The Earth Spirit : Its Ways,
Shriness and Mysteries,
John Michell


Egyptian Mysteries :
New Light on Ancient Knowledge,
Lucy Lamy
The Grail : Quest for The Eternal


Kabbalah : Tradition of Hidden Knowledge
The Grail :
Quest for the Eternal,
John Matthews


Kabbalah : Tradition of
Hidden Knowledge,
Z'ev ben Shimon-Halevi
Magic : The Western Tradition


Martial Arts : The Spiritual Dimension
Magic :
The Western Tradition,
Francis King


Martial Arts :
The Spiritual Dimension,
Peter Payne
The Mystic Spiral : The Journey of The Soul Rose Windows
The Mystical Spiral :
Journey of the Soul,
Jill Purce


Rose Windows,
Painton Cowen
Sacred Dance : Encounter with the Gods  Sacred Geometry : Philosophy & Practice
Sacred Dance :
Encounter with the Gods,
Maria-Gabriele Wosien


Sacred Geometry :
Philosophy and Practice,
Robert Lawlor
Shaman : The Wounded Healer Subtle Body : Essence & Shadow
Shaman : The Wounded Healer,
Joan Halifax


Subtle Body : Essence and Shadow,
David V. Tansley
Sufi : Expressions of the Mystic Quest  Time : Rythm and Repose
Sufi : Expressions of the Mystic Quest,
Laleh Bakhtiar


Time : Rythm and Repose,
Marie-Louise von Franz
The Tree of Life : Symbol of the Centre  Zen : Direct Pointing to Reality
The Tree of Life :
Symbol of the Centre,
Roger Cook


Zen : Direct Pointing to Reality,
Anne Bancroft

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